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Troy Goodall is a boundary-pushing photographer with a style that’s provocative, raw and full of black humour. He is sought after for his ability to produce world-class, compelling imagery that gets under the skin.

Troy needed an identity that would strengthen his international reputation. His target audience of advertising creatives and agencies are used to seeing highly-polished portfolios. Our challenge was to grab their attention by breaking with convention and disrupting expectations.

Troy’s work captures the raw essence of his subject matter. He’s a master of scratching below the surface, revealing truths and vulnerability that force the viewer to realise all is not what it seems.

Given online profiles are so easily accessible, we stripped the information back to the bone. Details that are usually mandatory became elements we could abuse, distort and even destroy.

Using the blood red ‘Pop-Set Poppy’, we saturated it in a black ink reverse print, leaving the details and a vein of red on the edges exposed. This created a dark and violent, yet human, impression.

The leave-behind folder, containing Troy’s portfolio, is produced as a sealed object, requiring it to be unceremoniously torn open to access the contents. This action creates a ragged red edge that reveals the stock’s underside. By positioning Troy’s brand in the path of this rupture, we force the viewer to figuratively wound the artist in their viewing of the work.

To add to the portfolio’s unpolished, throw-away feel, we produced Troy’s images on hand-creased A3 stock to create an unbound A4 booklet. This allows Troy to easily evolve his portfolio.

The new brand has been a massive success for Troy. His audience has had an emotive response to tearing open the sleeve and clients have requested additional leave-behinds, requiring multiple reprints. The portfolio has created on-going conversations and will continue to work for Troy in years to come.

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