Since its debut in 2009, comedy panel show 7 Days has carved out a niche as New Zealand television institution — so much so that it was promoted to a new primetime slot (with a slightly tamer approach to its comedy) to reach a wider audience.

Our brief was to refresh the 7 Days brand identity to boost appeal in a more family-friendly timeslot and format. We created a bold and playful new logo, with a high-contrast colour palette designed to pop on the TV screen without overshadowing the comedic talent on set.

In a cheeky nod to the show’s late night lineage and new, less adult approach, we made the grawlix — the string of characters used to replace an offensive word — part of the show’s graphic identity.

The new show format and brand have proven to be a hit with viewers. Audience share increased by over 20% in the new timeslot, despite the timeslot itself seeing a 13% drop across all channels. Viewer engagement has also increased: we’ve helped keep eyes glued to the screen for longer.

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