Fuman Atomic Cold Brew 1 Crop

The ambition for this packaging was to exploit the visual connection between the pouring of molten metal and the extraction of espresso coffee, most notably the golden crema.

Along with this comes the association of skill possessed by a metallurgist or blacksmith, to that of the roaster and barista. We also wanted to reinterpret the popular image of milk being poured into icy cold brew – something that would resonate with cold brew drinkers – in a way that is unexpected, eye-catching and energetic.

Copper foil was printed onto a transparent stock in order to retain a glassy finish in the negative spaces of the label artwork. We minimised the amount of foil used on the carrier pack as we wanted to reserve the splendour of the foiled bottle for the viewer to reveal, as if removing an ingot of glowing copper from the forge.

CB Bronze 4
Fuman Atomic Cold Brew 2
Fuman Atomic Cold Brew 3
Fuman Atomic Cold Brew 4
Fuman Atomic Cold Brew 7
Fuman Atomic Cold Brew 8