In te reo Māori, Āwhina means to care, assist, help and support. Āwhina Wellness is a holistic wellness brand that enables people to achieve balance in their life.

The brand needed to feel empowering and inclusive, sitting comfortably between the active fitness world and the wellness space.

The Āwhina wordmark is a custom designed mark, its letterforms inspired by the shapes and movement of the body and evoking a balanced feeling of strength and softness. The subtly displaced brand imagery communicates the wellness journey and taps into moments of the past, present and future.

The resulting visual identity system brings a fresh look and feel to the wellness space. The shapes are graceful, yet confident. The colours are earthy, yet bold. The imagery is both elegant yet strong. Like Āwhina itself, they create a true sense of balance.

Fuman Awhina 1
Fuman Awhina 2

Āwhina is the space in between – a space to exist in the present moment.

Fuman Awhina 3
Fuman Awhina 4
Fuman Awhina 5
Fuman Awhina 6
Fuman Awhina 8