A family business in its third generation, Forté carries 35 years of experience in timber flooring and cladding. From the beginning, the company has prioritised family values and committed to providing premium timber using the best processes.

Forté needed a rebrand to align its image with the quality of its products. Previously named ‘Heritage Timbers’, the business changed its name to Forté – derived from the French word for ‘strong’ – and asked us for a tagline and collateral to promote its new identity.

Importantly, Forté wanted to target a new audience of interior designers and architects, rather than tradespeople. Their brand needed to line up with the high-end, fashion-forward nature of their products and affirm their position as market leaders.

To appeal to an audience of creative professionals, Forté required a softer look than the traditional masculine approach of many timber brands. We chose colours and textures suited to a premium brand for a luxurious, high-end look that wouldn’t be out of place in a fashion magazine.

Quality isn’t just something you see, but something you feel. We paid close attention to the tactility and details of the company’s collateral to align the brand with the quality and price of its products. We chose stocks and printing techniques that would create a sensory experience for the customer, with textures that parallel real timber flooring and walls.

Our new tagline for the company – ‘Nature refined’ – aligns with the high-quality, natural materials Forté uses. It also reinforces the company’s care, craftsmanship and expertise. The serif typeface adds a sense of authority to the logo as well as an inviting familiarity – suited to this family business with generations of experience in the timber industry.

The resulting brand positions Forté as distinctly high-end, helping claim their place in the market as premium timber specialists while appealing to creative professionals in the industry.