Fuman Hummingbird Brand ID

“I love that coffee! I didn’t know it was Hummingbird.” This was a common sentiment when we began our rebrand for Hummingbird Coffee Roasters.

Hummingbird was already a strong seller in their category, but we found that buyers had very little understanding of Hummingbird as a company. For us it was an exciting opportunity to bring the company’s branding up to par with the high quality and ethical standards of their coffee. The chance to help tell the story of an almost 30-year journey was one we couldn’t refuse.

The hummingbird motif was to become a keystone of the brand, this was our diamond in the rough. We needed to realign the quality of the outside of the bag, with what is inside the bag. All the while bringing customers along for the ride. In redeveloping the hummingbird, a strong simple visual mascot that signals great coffee.

The brand’s core colour, what was previously, unambiguously “brown”, has been shifted to a deep rich cherry. While still representing the coffee that Hummingbird produce, but more importantly now the ripe coffee cherries that they take such pride in sourcing ethically. The red shift gives warmth, passion and heart to a key element of the brand.

The new packaging takes what was a confused expression and creates a strong cohesive message, all elements intact without sacrificing the brands core values. We have created a united packaging range that invites the customer to familiarise themselves with the product.

HB Silver 5
Fuman Hummingbird Packaging1
Fuman Hummingbird Packaging2
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Fuman Hummingbird Comms
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Since the launch of the new branding & re-designed packaging at the beginning of 2019 Hummingbird has been reinvigorated, with a close to 10% increase in sales volumes. Cementing its position as the leader in fresh coffee throughout NZ, growing to a market share of 20% in the category.

This was done without discounting and with little in the way of above the line or promotional spend. Clearly demonstrating the success of the project in the eyes, and the hands of the consumer.