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Southern BBQ is a time-tested ritual. True dedication is needed to master an unruly heat source and strong seasonings, all delicately balanced over long cooking times - it’s a process refined and passed down through generations.

Like the primal campfire where the craft began, Southern BBQ barbecue brings people together to feed the body and soul.

Our brief was to create a brand that represented Caleb and his BBQ team in two worlds – the competitive barbecue realm — a world full of blackened steel and eroded branding – and also as a catering business in its own right.

We needed to retain the respect of this original audience while injecting new energy to attract a more diverse market.

To begin the journey a new name was first priority, the existing name “Big Tent Meat Revival” was invented for the competition scene, and too unwieldy and niche for commercial applications.

We sharpened our tools, turned up the heat and cleared away the smoke. The brand was reborn as “Lower & Slower” - broadcasting the promise of true Southern barbecue, while also referencing the swag of Californian lowriders, pin-striping and pin-ups. The new name set the stage for the brand’s future in event catering, sauces, rubs and beyond.

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The logo is a passionate modern blackletter wordmark, referencing a primitive past of meat roasting, kept in lowercase to retain approachability. The clean edges and angles invoke the imagery of medieval weaponry and butchers chopping hunks of meat. The crooked, saw-like baseline is both barbaric and somewhat quirky, simultaneously dangerous and exciting.

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By putting a modern lens on this heritage type style and injecting bold colour we have created a darkly refreshing identity. In a sea of black, white and gaudy faux steel logos this mark distances Lower & Slower from its current competition and generates new hype and intrigue for the company.