Fuman Niceblocks 02

Niceblocks offers ‘better for you’ treats in a sustainable and ethical way.

Given the success of Niceblocks’ rebrand with us in the past, they reached back out to us, eager to release their new ice blocks, this time featuring two ranges – an adult’s range and a children’s range. The new ice blocks contain all natural and 100% organic ingredients and utilise sustainable packaging methods.

The goal was to communicate their offering – ‘better for you’ treats for kids and adults in an ethical and sustainable way.

To do this, we heroed the ingredients. The packaging showcases all the product’s ingredients, illustrated in a free flowing and organic manner.

To distinguish the adult and children range, we used two unique colour pallets. For the adults, a slightly muted and mature colour pallet was used, while the children’s range used vibrant, energising colours.

As a result, children and adults of all ages can enjoy the delicious and guilt-free flavours that Niceblocks has to offer.

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