Fuman Niceblocks 02

Niceblocks offer dairy free ‘better for you’ treats in a sustainable and ethical way. The ice blocks contain 100% organic ingredients with no added sugar and utilise sustainable packaging methods.

Given the success of Niceblocks’ rebrand with us in the past, the team reached out to us, keen to emulate the success of the original design. The brief was to communicate a new ‘better for you’ ice blocks range focussing on the locally sourced ingredients, whilst retaining the youthful, summertime feels of the original design.

We explored many different illustration styles, but landed on rough, organic, free-flowing shapes that resemble the ingredients. These shapes come together to create a vibrant pattern stretching across the front of the pack.

By showcasing the ingredients on the front of the pack, it makes it easy for children and adults to quickly spot their favourite flavour on shelf. Additionally, a retro font twists and turns throughout the packaging to add a playful feel to the packaging.

The refresh pays homage to the original packaging, while communicating the new ‘better for you’ offering. As a result, children and adults of all ages can enjoy the healthy treats that Niceblocks has to offer.

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