The Homegrown Juice Company

Identity, Packaging


The Homegrown Juice Company delivers on a simple promise: pure raw juice. The Brownlie family has been creating high-quality juice since 1969 when they planted their first orange orchard in Hawke’s Bay – the ‘fruit bowl’ of New Zealand. Today, the company has the largest orange orchards in the country.

Raising the bar for 100% natural, healthy juice, the company has taken a new approach to preparing its products. Almost all juices in New Zealand are pasteurised using heat, which degrades the vitamins and minerals and changes the flavour. Homegrown has developed high-pressure, cold pasteurisation to preserve the product’s taste and nutrition. Because this was a new concept for Kiwis, we had the challenge of communicating Homegrown’s fresh approach to juice.

Opaque bottles were used to protect the juice from UV radiation that degrades quality. The white packaging also gives the product a clean,distinct look – conveying the brand values of protection and quality. With most juice brands using clear bottles, the opaque packaging gives Homegrown products another point of difference.

To thrive in a competitive supermarket environment, the packaging needed to speak loudly and anticipate hurdles in the customer buying process. To boldly differentiate each flavour, an image of the produce features prominently on each label to guide people to their chosen juice. It also helps tell the story of the product – fresh juice straight from nature – as simply as possible.

The design is deliberate and clean to appeal to the everyday shopper, who can be put off by overly-designed packaging that can appear too premium. The result is a down-to-earth look that prioritises the product’s qualities over a high-design aesthetic. The packaging has effectively captured the attention of customers, with Homegrown now having the largest market share in fresh juice in New Zealand.