A long-established family business providing packaging solutions to New Zealand produce growers, Punchbowl Packaging saw the opportunity to grow their business and meet the growing demand for innovative and sustainable packaging options.

We rebuilt their new brand from the ground up, positioning them as guardians of New Zealand-grown produce from the shed to the shelf. The new brand is fresh, friendly and engaging, incorporating a custom personality-filled font inspired by the twists and turns of the kiwifruit vine.

For Punchbowl Packaging, inspiring their internal audience was just as important as engaging their customers. We worked with them to express the brand values that mattered to their team culture, to help build the longevity of their business and the passion and commitment of their people.

Innovation and sustainability have always been part of the Punchbowl story. The new brand allows them to express that with confidence and clarity.

PB CS 17
Fuman Punchbowl 3
Fuman Punchbowl 4
Fuman Punchbowl 6
PB CS 15
Fuman Punchbowl 5
PB CS 14
PB CS 08
PB CS 16