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Te Arai Estate

Fuman TA Brand ID 25

Covering over 550 acres, Te Arai Estate & Truffiere occupies a prime position overlooking the world class Te Arai beach and Taranga Island, making it the perfect destination for your next adventure. 

The team at Te Arai Estate came to us looking to revamp their brand identity. Their objective was to refine their existing brand assets to effectively showcase the beautiful property that they have to offer. They asked that we highlight the incredible landscape and unique truffiere, while avoiding cliché real estate advertising.

To do this, we created a brand that heroes the Te Arai landscape. By utilizing drones and wide angled photography, Te Arai’s new branding showcases the beautiful rolling hills, white sand beaches, tranquil ocean waves, and unique truffiere that the land provides. In addition to this, we introduced lifestyle shots, resulting in a more personal and intimate brand.

The new logotype uses a New Zealand designed sans serif typeface, which is an evolution from the existing typeface, simply with more elegance and purpose. The wide spacing between letterforms not only creates a feeling of openness, but it creates a feeling of serenity, similar to how one feels at Te Arai Estate.

Furthermore, we ran an effective four month summer campaign for Te Arai across print media and television, which included advertisements in Grand Designs. By strategically placing the brand’s media throughout relevant luxury programs, we were able to reach Te Arai’s target audience and reinforce the idea that Te Arai is a unique lifestyle brand. The team at Te Arai have received overwhelmingly positive results from this campaign.

The resulting brand positions Te Arai Estate as a unique luxury lifestyle brand that showcases Te Arai’s beauty and potential for adventure.

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