Nice Blocks



There are few things nicer than these dairy-free, fair-trade ice blocks, made with natural, organic ingredients.

The team at Nice Blocks asked us to redesign the packaging sleeves for their tasty new range. The direction for this product was defined as ‘summer on a stick’ — lively and exciting, with an explosion of flavour that evokes visions of long hot days at the beach.

Nice Blocks are a mouth-watering treat first; natural and organic second. So, the  packaging design had to be colourful and eye-catching, while communicating the product’s natural ingredients. Because the brand was already established as healthy and ethical, we could afford to prioritise visual impact over the natural messaging.

We wanted an aesthetic that would evoke nostalgia for adults and be fresh and exciting for a younger audience. So, we went back to the ‘80s — an era full of pop, prints and patterns — with a vivid colour palette that appeals to both young and old.

We gave each flavour its own loud colour paired with an energetic pattern, with each design characterising an aspect of the flavour. Reminiscent of designs on boardies, t-shirts and surfboards of the ’80s, they shout summer, fun and flavour.