Robert Harris



As New Zealand’s oldest coffee company, Robert Harris has a genuine claim as an industry leader. In fact, its founder and namesake was the first person to bring coffee to New Zealand back in 1952.

Robert Harris already had a great brand story. Our goal was to tell that story in an authentic way, helping the company build an emotional connection with its customers. It was important to convey the genuine local heritage of Robert Harris and the deep care and expertise that goes into its coffee.

To achieve this, the packaging needed to visually communicate the company’s history and bring it to life. We emphasised Robert Harris’ beginnings by including the words ‘New Zealand’ and ‘Est. 1952’ front and centre of the packaging.

We introduced customers to the founder by placing an illustration of him on the rear of the packaging, clearly presenting Robert Harris as a real person and a patron of New Zealand coffee.

Reminiscent of the 1950s, the brown paper adds texture and is a strong link to the company’s heritage – when Robert Harris first started the business, he distributed his coffee blends in brown paper bags. Evoking an almost hand-packed feel, the brown paper packaging signals the carefully crafted, batch-roasted nature of the product.

With a re-energised brand, Robert Harris no longer looks like a cookie-cutter coffee chain. The new packaging successfully captured the attention of consumers, with an impressive 40% jump in sales on release.