Smart Express



As professional movers of homes and offices, the reliable, caring team at Smart Express take people’s lives from A to B without the stress.

The company needed a brand identity that would do justice to its trustworthy service and reflect its friendly, can-do attitude.

We created new brand collateral to help deliver these messages, including a logo, business cards, letterheads, brochures and treatment for the company’s vehicles. This was supported by a digital brand campaign to lift awareness of Smart Express and its services.

The design is minimalistic and dynamic, with a simple and professional colour palette. This clean, no-fuss branding helps drive home the company’s values of being honest, pragmatic and easy to deal with.

The bubble-wrap graphic grabs the eye, while sending a clear message of care and safety. This same pattern features on the company’s vehicles, turning them into moving billboards which capture attention and create a talking point, ensuring the brand is front-of-mind for potential customers.

The resulting brand emphasises the company’s values, providing peace of mind for people starting a new chapter in their lives.